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8th November 2005

6:28pm: get out of my head.
you are on my mind. constantly.
Current Mood: aggravated

26th February 2005

12:51am: we all fall down like toy soldiers.
im emptying a glass of white wine alone. the last one for the night. i got home about an hour ago, me and sara have packed all her belongings since she is moving to her new place next week.
i bought the cutest jacket today, sort of a coco chanel thing, and it was on sale yay!
next wednesday i will get so much money that ill be able to buy whatever the fuck i want. im so happy!
list of useless things ill probably spend it on:
mp3 player
id make up
cell phone

..and thats just the first things to come to mind. i honestly belive i was born into the wrong economy.

tonight has been great. me and sara havent been able to see each other that much these last weeks.

god i hope andreas wont wake me up when he gets home. hes out with his hags at debaser. tomorrow is going to be mayhem at work.
Current Mood: amused

23rd January 2005

8:14pm: route 81, straight outta hell.
hung over and mario kart double dash all day. though i did managed to win fourteen times in a row. andreas obviously drank more than i did last night. we had such a laugh, me and sophia, all night long. can you believe we still remebered the macarena type of dance to the spice girls song stop? after that we went to hard rock café and had the dj play all the hit metal songs we could think of.
Current Mood: amused

1st November 2004

8:59am: halloween.
this has been a mad weekend. it started with jell-o shots and tequila rose on friday noon and didn't end until way past the dawning of saturday. it was a great party, me and andreas had decorated his house into a haunted mansion. he dressed up as a devil and i as a house wife (i bought the cutest vintage dress the other day)
unfortunetly my best freind couldn't come, she was busy elsewhere.

Current Mood: sleepy

16th April 2004

8:07pm: boop
yesterday me and helena went to heavy metal bar anchor. we got madly drunk and forced the dj to play lousy europe songs all night. which is just as amuzing as it sounds eeh? today i've been a mess, got up way too early just to call my best friend and say goodbye as she flew back to ireland this morning. i ate a pizza with my boyfriend and now my stomache is heavy. helena and me were supposed to walk her dog around djurgården but since both of us were zombiefied i couldnt.
im so bored, have no money left and my man is out drinking. sisco's shake down on mtv is only so inspiring blah.
Current Mood: cranky

4th April 2004

4:03am: echoes.
just came home to my empty apartment. it's so damn lonely here now. i hate it. redecorated what's left of the furniture to fill up the space. it didn't quite do the trick though. it feels so bad and there's nothing i can do about it. i don't even have a fucking phone.
Current Mood: sad

28th March 2004

11:33pm: spoony dreams
went to tech noir last night, and had a surprisingly good time. got drunk as hell of course and still woke up with money left in my pockets. this sunny sunday has been spent spooning sara as we woke up in time for dinner.
Current Mood: drained

16th March 2004

4:44pm: sweet and sour.
my mind's been a roller coaster ride since last night. i finally got the contract for my apartment but now that my mother is moving out it means i am stuck alone with rent and bills. oh, and without furniture too.

i am not sure what to do yet. but it will be done on my own.
Current Mood: confused

26th December 2003

2:54pm: bling bling
christmas came and went without any trouble. and i got so many presents, i havent seen so many with my name on it sicne i was a kid. am most happy over gold neckless from boyfriend and 'pimp' wife beater shirt from best friend. and not to forget jean-paul gaultier perfume!
i am moving to my own apartment on östermalm in two days, i have to start packing today.

christmas morning was spent in champange bubbles and wrapping paper with my parents and friends, later me and my mom had dinner at a fancy restaurant. christmas night was spent in front of my boyfriend's beautiful christmas tree drinking red wine.

now moving on to the plans of new years. i have non yet. like every year. new years is an over-rated holiday anyway. *grumpy*
Current Mood: happy

24th January 2003

6:56pm: every time it's friday night and i haven't decided yet what to do with it i feel sick. some form of anxiousness building up inside my body. it hurts. i don't want to scream. i just need to know what to do. or else i'll die. or worse.

i need alcohol.e
Current Mood: aggravated

22nd January 2003

7:02pm: my day has been poorly interesting. i am waiting for the fat pay check to arrive. two more days. since there is no work tomorrow, the day will be spent downtown with sara looking for outfits and make up. i need to find clothes that match the 50s goth styl e i want. like a dark marilyn monroe thing.
anyways. tech noir coming up this weekend. yay.o
Current Mood: artistic

20th January 2003

11:30am: this is my ruin. kill me please.
Current Mood: uncomfortable

15th January 2003

12:04pm: Bright light city.
last night me and sara started looking for an apartment. next friday part of my leg will be marked for life by my my tattooist boije. he gave me a special price because i'm so damn cute i say. i want to move on with my life. i've just turned 20 and i feel that must show somehow. but it hasn't. yet anyway.

two days from now: friday. my little brother is having the biggest teen party ever held. my mom is in india, we couldn't be happier.

god is pissing upon us. jeez..
Current Mood: blank

13th January 2003

7:13pm: i need a new job damn it!õ
Current Mood: blah

11th January 2003

12:00pm: last night was the best night ever! me and sara had so much fun, i don't think i've been so drunk or felt so accomplished ever.
after our daily walk on the ice in haga feeding the crows we bought sparkling strawberry wine.
the evening was spent at my boyfriend's house and later on, club underjord.
i want to die, sara's room is spinning. i don't even have the strength to watch braveheart. i feel so sick.
i'm going back to the rock from which i crawled out.

do you know lou bega?
Current Mood: happy

9th January 2003

2:42pm: tomorrow is friday. i really want this weekend to be a good one. this evening will be spent at not at all flashy bar city steakhouse. hopefully good news will be served together with all those sparkling drinks i love.

i had loads of unpleasent dreams this night. lots of dead people in tunnels. lots of people i wish were dead. all day ive been stuck with a god awful head ache. god is the mad hatter. and he hates your guts.
Current Mood: jubilant

8th January 2003

4:56pm: Today me and sara went out looking for some clothes. Surprisingly I found none. I am getting old and bitter. I can feel it.
My hopes are set for this evening. History might be written. But since it probably won't, me and my salvation army will be luring in the bushes outside.
Current Mood: cheerful
Current Mood: good

5th December 2002

2:24pm: 80s club coming up this weekend. it should be fun. i really need new clothes. i have the money but not the time. i am tired. me and my brother went to a karaoke bar last night. my god. it was awful.
i work too much too. everyday of the week except tuesdays. that includes full weekends.

good is heaven. evil is hell.
Current Mood: complacent

22nd November 2002

2:54pm: Today is a good day. I don't think i'll be going out tonight though, saving my strength for synth club Tech Noir tomorrow. And I've got new hair, too. It is still black, but a bit longer. Now im at work, only five more hours and im done. yay!
Current Mood: giggly

16th November 2002

10:46am: beetlejuice
Which Tim Burton's movie charcter are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
Current Mood: annoyed

14th November 2002

2:42pm: soft deceit and idleness
i think golden nail polish might just be the one thing that will end all my misery.
today. an awful grayish damp cold. i don't care how much of a goth i may be. when this horrid rain touches my hair and face i scream.
Current Mood: awake

11th November 2002

11:26am: it's monday. im at work for the first time in a week. i just found out that this year's christmas party will be at the restaurant East, just across the street.
im so damn tired. this weekend shot me right between the eyes. and thinking i have to be here all night. GAH.
Current Mood: nauseated

10th November 2002

2:18pm: last night turned out quite different than i predicted. instead of going out i stayed home with a friend. which after all was a really nice evening and night. however, the bus ride home this morning looking like i just got out of the shower with no makeup on and still wearing last night's party outfit was awful.

my mind is so heavy. i don't know. this is a bad dream.
Current Mood: drained

9th November 2002

4:19pm: it's already dark outside. when will this horrible season end?
i am all dressed up for necronomicon tonight although my poor head feels like a rock. i hope this night won't end like the previously disasters i've painfully witnessed. everything is riding on this very evening. never get your hopes up is something sissies rely on.
i need a drink.
Current Mood: hopeful
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